SUPPOSE you could provide new healthful homes that directly addressed our climate and environmental needs.

WHAT IF YOU COULD build these homes for the same cost
as a traditional home or less?  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
An energy-saving VOLKsHouse costs even money or less to build than a conventional home. It employs the globally recognized Passive House standard to conserve 90%+ more heating energy than its neighbors and provides an exceptionally healthy living environment, inside and out. Add to that solar technologies to produce sustainable electrical energy and hot water to nearly completely meet all the home’s energy needs.

VOLKsHouse 1.0 in Santa Fe received a local GreenBuilt Award, a national EcoHome Design Award, and is rated Emerald by the National Home Builders Association. The plan and design of the next VOLKsHouse 2.0 advances from all that was learned from VH 1.0 to further reduce costs and achieve higher performance. VH 2.0 groundbreaking is set for September 2014.
If it costs less to construct and uses less energy,
why not live in a VOLKsHouse?