Site Selection for VOLKsHouse

Site evaluation for Volks House Land purchase

Once Santa Fe was selected as the location for the VolksHouse a search for property began. The Ferguson Lane parcel had many extremely favorable characteristics that made it immediately attractive.

Orientation:  Though perfect solar orientation is not required for Passive House construction, it is difficult to say no to as much free energy as you could ever use. The property sits on a corner lot. The street on the south side of the property ensures that this solar energy will (in all likelihood) be there for the life of the home and will not be blocked by future development.

Connectivity: The site had amazing local connections to the community. The east property line abuts  a  10 acre park with orchards and playgrounds. This park also connects the City’s extensive bike trails that lead along the Santa Fe River that can be followed directly to the down town plaza.

Community: The selected parcel was the last lot available in a well establish and tight knit community of approximately 35 house along a single cul-de-sac street. The neighborhood was very receptive and supportive to the intentions of the project which is invaluable for such a project. The lot also had high visibility that would generate curiosity.  Curiosity is good. It leads to other things.

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