Exceptional comfort
continually refreshed indoor air without temperature swings or draughts
Advanced engineering technology and building physics
high quality construction, structural longevity
Internationally acknowledged standard for energy efficient buildings
practical – verifiable – adaptable to all environments and uses
Excellent investment
extremely low heating and cooling requirements and costs;
demonstrated construction price parity with conventional structures
Positive environmental impact - 90%+ ENERGY SAVINGS
renewable energy resources radically reduce CO2 emissions; sustainable use of natural resources
VOLKsHouse/Passivhaus: Essential Features
Cutting-edge environmental engineering and applied building physics in tandem
with precision design and skilled craftsmanship
Airtight building envelope with high level of insulation
Thermal bridge free design and construction
Efficient heat or energy recovery ventilation
High performance window frames and glazing
Renewable resources, energy efficient appliances, natural lighting
Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) for design and evaluation
Eco-homes for people –– beautiful; net zero; healthy; affordable
If it costs less to construct and uses less energy, why not live in a VOLKsHouse?