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VOLKsHouse 2.0 Sets a
New Standard for Eco-Living
Located in the beautiful Los Lomas
subdivision in Santa Fe, VOLKsHouse 2.0
will be built to the highest standards
of energy efficiency incorporating
natural topography and solar orientation
into its sustainable design.
VH 2.0 meets the market demand for a single story eco-house designed to significantly reduce its carbon footprint and minimize overall energy use. Its stunning site enjoys views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as well as a south-facing panorama of Santa Fe, beautiful both day and night.
VH 2.0 builds on all that was learned from building and selling VOLKs 1.0 and applying emerging technologies to produce an even more economical eco-home. It will be a very affordable, 2,100 square foot, one-family, single-story Passive House. Advanced envelope technology and extremely efficient construction methods will produce continuous vapor and air-barriers while reducing cost and waste. To this end, VOLKsHouse LLC is experimenting with panel design and production to significantly simplify construction of a break-free thermal envelope. Plans include offering state-of-the-art “smart house” technology with a plug and play monitoring system to continually report energy performance. Reliance on domestic U.S./North American sourcing should significantly contribute to lower costs compared to VH 1.0. Ground-breaking is planned for August 2014 and completion and sale in early 2015.
The goal of every VOLKsHouse project is to demonstrate that green, energy-saving Passive Houses can cost the same or less to build, and far less to operate than conventional homes. Green homes appraise higher, retain their value and deliver substantial energy savings. Eco-living not only makes good long-term environmental sense, it makes sound, every-day, economic sense.
Our intent is to bring eco-living into the mainstream and to standardize eco-building and retrofitting in the marketplace. We aim to create market success and growing demand. If it’s healthier and cheaper, why not live green?
If it costs less to construct and uses less energy,
why not live in a VOLKsHouse?